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Name:Ms. susan zhang [Sales]
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Mobile Number:13889224868
Phone Number:86-24-25375550
Fax Number:86-24-25378858
ÉòÑô 110141, California
United States
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Registration Date:Apr. 14, 2011
Last Updated:Apr. 13, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Automobile category

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Eastern Turbo Co. ( ETC) is a manufacturer of the turbo, turbo components and repair kits for the independent after-market. Product line includes the casting, assembly, cartridge, repair kits and turbo components etc. Eastern turbo patented ( # ZL 2009 2 0012609.5£ © dual ceramic ball bearing turbo technology has revolutionized turbocharger standards of durability and performance.

ETC driven by customer demand not being met due to poor availability to the aftermarket, and will round out most turbocharger to replace turbo of originally manufactured by the Holset, Garrett, BorgWarner, MHI, IHI, Schwitzer, Toyota, Cummins, ABB with others.

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